Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know all about the new senior series I have been hosting via zoom, ABC’s of Senior Housing. These FREE webinars on housing options, care choices, legal decisions, and more are aimed at educating area seniors.

I really feel like I’ve found my niche, inviting local specialists as guest speakers to join me in discussing complex matters relevant to our 55+ community.

ABC on blackboard

To date, the following topics have been reviewed:

  • Challenges associated with the aging process
  • Elder care options available
  • Geriatric case management
  • Learning to navigate legal, financial, and medical issues
  • How to handle all your stuff
  • Qualifying to save on federal taxes
  • Why making your own decisions now is better than waiting and having them made for you

Join me and my co-host Lydia Gemmer, an area expert on senior housing who shares available opportunities and recommends the best decisions based on her experienced background with you. Spend 1 hour online with us at a scheduled Saturday morning event from 10-11am and see why seniors from all over the area keep coming back for more information about these overwhelming issues.

Registration is required and limited, so be sure to RSVP. A question-and-answer session is offered at the end of each presentation.

Know anyone who would make a great guest? Let me know! I’d love the opportunity to connect with them.