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Does Your Agent Follow Up?

I cannot tell you how many times clients have shared horror stories with me about hiring a real estate agent to work with only to sign the paperwork and never hear from them again. That is not how I run my business. At Brett Furman Group, we promise to stay in touch from start to finish, conveying everything in between, and always following up after a sale for years to come.

We pride ourselves on being available 24/7. Having hired full-time staff to answer every phone call and licensed agents dedicated to specific areas of excellence. We are the definition of full-service and believe our clients deserve the very best.

When you’re buying or selling a home, you’ve literally got hundreds of thousands of dollars riding on making the right decision. Make sure you hire a full-time, experienced agent to work for you.

You may be working with the wrong real estate agent if…

  • They don’t communicate in a timely way.
    • This is probably my biggest pet peeve. When Buyers and Sellers decide to hire Brett Furman Group, the #1 complaint we hear about is that their last agent would regularly go incommunicado or MIA.
  • They don’t follow-up and follow-through.
    • Many agents have good intentions but fail at following-up and following-through. While they might want to set you up to receive new listings or send you a sold price or a comparative market analysis or connect you with their mortgage broker, good intentions aren’t enough.
    • If your agent is regularly making commitments and not keeping them, you may have the wrong agent.

Expert Advice: If communication from your agent is important to you (it should be), watch for these telltale signs of responsiveness before you hire an agent:

  • How fast did they respond when you first reached out?
    • If it took them more than 24 hours to respond to a new potential client, it doesn’t bode well for how they treat their active clients.
  • Are their cell phone number and email addresses public?
    • So many agents are secret agents – you can’t find their cell phone or email address anywhere. Brett Furman Group can be reached via text or call at 610-687-6060 or emailed at Br***@Br*********.com.
  • Do they ensure any kind of service guarantee?
    • We believe you deserve our best. That means timely communication, and sending clients same-day responses to hold ourselves accountable. Our promise is that important to us!

Think you’ve hired the wrong agent to help you buy or sell a home?

  • Request a conversation to review your agency relationship.
    • Have an honest discussion about what isn’t working out.
    • If needed, talk to your agent’s Broker-of-Record to find out how to terminate your contract.

Often, in the excitement of trying to win a buyer or seller’s business, an agent will make promises. Get those promises in writing and hold them to it! Hire an agent that places client service above everything else. Start the buying or selling process with set expectations. Following these simple steps will ensure a much smoother sale.

Disclaimer! The purpose of this blog is to explain what the public can and should expect from their real estate agent, as many don’t often understand. It is not intended to solicit other agents’ clients.

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Get information delivered straight to your inbox weekly. We break down market trends and provide helpful tips!

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