One of the state’s top Realtors is slated to debut a new TV show this summer!

(July 7, 2020) —- Pennsylvania Real Estate Broker, Brett Furman announced today that his new TV show entitled Real Estate Matters is set to air, and will show on multiple local TV channels including channel 21 in Radnor Township and Comcast channel 99 or Verizon channel 34 in Lower Merion Township.
The show is being broadcasted on Main Line TV-21. It will air two times per month and covers everything you need to know about selling and buying your home, including tips about how to improve the value of your home and when is the best time is to sell your home? You can view the program schedule by going to, clicking on VIEW SCHEDULE, and typing Real Estate Matters into the search bar.

“Viewers will be able to get the latest news and information about the real estate market from experts that will discuss the American dream of homeownership,” Furman said, owner of RE/MAX Classic and Brett Furman Group. “I was honored to be selected to host the show and be able to give back to the community my 35 years of real estate experience.”

Furman, an award-winning real estate broker, who is known as one of Pennsylvania’s top agents, explained that he is currently looking for guests for his show to discuss real estate market trends, legal issues affecting homeownership, tax implications for homeowners, construction experts, architectural trends, and any relevant others interested.
The first episode of Real Estate Matters features Stucco expert, Bill Dare who answers the following questions:

  • How severe is the stucco problem in PA?
  • Is PA the epicenter of stucco problems? Is it climate, rainfall, etc…?
  • Who is to blame for the problems: Product, subcontractors, building codes, builders, etc…?
  • What are the typical ages of homes with the worst issues?
  • Plus, more.

The second episode of the show features guest Matt Loose, owner of Abbudusky Environmental. He discusses septic systems, including:

  • Why is it that I flush my toilets, and everything seems okay, but I just failed a septic test?
  • How long do septic systems typically last?
  • Who regulates septic systems?
  • How important is the pumping of the septic system?
  • And so much more.

“I’m very excited about this TV show, and I invite everyone to tune in,” Furman said.
For more information about the Real Estate Matters TV show or Brett Furman Group, please call (610) 687-6060 or visit The recorded episodes can also be viewed by visiting:

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