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Seller Beware: The Risk of Hiring Part-Time Agents

A recent study highlighted in DataDigest reveals a concerning trend in the real estate market: a significant number of real estate agents, despite being licensed, are making few or no sales at all. This raises a crucial question for homeowners: Do you really want to entrust the sale of your most valuable asset to a part-time agent?

The reality is stark—many agents enter the real estate field as a side hustle or secondary career. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with pursuing real estate part-time, selling a home requires full-time dedication, expertise, and an understanding of the market that can’t be developed sporadically.

Why Full-Time Agents Make a Difference

Experience and Expertise

Full-time agents are immersed in the real estate market daily. This continuous exposure equips them with a nuanced understanding of market trends, pricing strategies, and effective marketing techniques that part-time agents simply cannot match due to their limited engagement.

Availability and Commitment:

Selling your home is a time-sensitive and often complex process that demands a readily available point of contact. Full-time agents can provide the attention and immediate responsiveness that is crucial during negotiations and in responding to potential buyer inquiries.

Proven Track Records

Real Estate Agents with numerous or consistent sales generally work full-time. This not only shows their dedication but also their ability to close deals effectively and efficiently. A proven track record is a solid indicator of an agent’s capability to manage the sale of your home successfully.

Choosing the Right Agent

Before selecting an agent, consider the following steps to ensure you are making the best choice for your real estate needs:

  • Check their track record: Look for agents with a consistent history of sales, indicating their active involvement and success in the market.
  • Verify their commitment: Discuss their availability and approach to selling your home. Ensure they are committed to your sale as a priority.
  • Ask for references: Speak to previous clients to understand their experience and the level of service provided by the agent.

The decision to sell your home should be handled with care and professionalism. Opting for an agent who treats real estate as more than just a side job can significantly impact the success of your sale. Remember, when it comes to selling your most valuable asset, choosing the right agent is paramount.

For those in the Main Line area looking for a dedicated and experienced real estate professional, the Brett Furman Group offers comprehensive services backed by decades of full-time commitment to real estate excellence. Don’t settle for less—ensure your agent is as invested in the sale of your home as you are.

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