What’s My Home Worth?

How to determine the true market value of a home

Brett Furman Group answers the all-important question: How does a homeowner preparing a property for the market identify the true market value of a home?

What’s My Home Worth? – Location, age, condition, style, school district, and the economy are just a few important factors to consider. While a house nearly identical to yours just five miles north may be worth a million dollars, why might your property fetch only half that in the current market in your neighborhood? Likewise, why did your next-door neighbors’ house sit on the market for ages while the one across the street was snatched up and under contract in less than a day? What determines the difference in price between your property and another?

Only the in-depth evaluation provided by an experienced real estate agent can answer these questions and determine your appropriate price point. Brett Furman Group takes the process of pricing several steps further than most, using his own carefully systematized method of research and analysis to find the right price for taking your home to market.

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