My Listing Agreements Are Different

photo of open door - easy exit

Do you know how long a standard listing contract in Pennsylvania is for? ONE YEAR!

That’s a 365-day commitment with no assurance of competency from your agent! Typically, that won’t matter if they’re good at their job. But what happens if you are not satisfied with their practice? Are you expected to wait until your contract expires and risk losing a possible sale?

Call me old-fashioned, but I value integrity. When you choose me as your agent, you’re free to cancel our contract anytime, thanks to my easy exit listing agreement. All I ask is that you give me two weeks’ advanced written notice. The two exceptions are during active negotiations and pending contracts.

My easy exit agreement guarantees you the freedom of an open door. The benefit? Trust and total freedom knowing you’ll never be locked into a lengthy contract. I’m so confident in my team’s all-inclusive marketing that I list this cutting-edge service at the top of our list.

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