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When to Take Space from the Space Age: Getting a Mortgage the Old-Fashioned Way

We all remember The Jetsons, don’t we? That wacky (if offensively sexist,) lovable (if potentially racist,) animated Space-dwelling family from the land of TV. Traveling Orbit City via aerocar, with revolutionary Space Age amenities and automations always to hand, nearly every necessity in life as lived by George, Judy, Jane, and Elroy, was available at the push of a button.

In our current future, a mere 45 years before The Jetsons’ projected space-lives in 2062, some of the imagined advances they took for granted have come to fruition. Flat screen televisions, video chatting, even nanotechnology (though our earthbound progress does not yet allow us to fold a vehicle down into a suitcase. Maybe next year!)

Just think about The Jetsons’ dinnertime (ordered tableside, produced immediately, robotically forked into hungry mouths, and cleared away in an instant!) As busy as we all are, those conveniences and automations are appealing, and our technological developments are, if not there yet, moving forward every day. From smartphones to smarthomes, our daily lives encompass and are encompassed by a computerized existence that the forward-thinkers who conceptualized The Jetsons probably had no idea would trend towards true. But even they couldn’t conceive of the most notable invention of our technological age: The Internet.

And it’s all good, right? Think about everything we can now find, learn, and do online, saving us time, money, effort, and aggravation. With the digitializing of everything, so attached are we to immediate access, we succumb to phantom pain if our phones are misplaced, and real-time physical systems like card catalogs are obsolete and thought of fondly. We’re completely acclimated to the Age of the Internet, and when approaching an unknown, almost always look first to an online resource.

So…speaking of the future, if you’re planning to buy a house and need a mortgage, why not save yourself the hassle of appointments, traffic, parking, waiting? With everything at your fingertips via the World Wide Web, why don’t you Google away and find an online lender?

***Please DON’T! ***

Sure, the idea of moving through the process of applying and being approved for a mortgage online from the comfort of home and at your own convenience has its appeal, but the downsides are legion. Yes, The Jetsons’ robomaid was able to perform myriad functions impeccably, but you won’t find this kind of reliable performance with automated online lenders, and let’s just say that as far as a personal touch goes, Rosie’s robotic ministrations leave them all in the dust. If you do your due diligence (researching online of course, where else) and investigate online lenders, most of the *real* and honest feedback you’ll find is negative, speaking of lost documents, constantly-changing timetables, promises reneged, red tape, ruined settlements, and worst of all, the inability to ever speak to an actual human being familiar with your file, if at all.

So – while the internet is at this point irreplaceable in our lives in so many ways, so too is human interaction. Making the time to meet with a trusted lender who is invested in helping you achieve the goal of buying a home is time well-spent. The best mortgage brokers will help you prepare in every way for the eventuality of purchasing a home, answer your phone calls, be your guide and guru throughout the process, and be there at the settlement table to lead you to a strong finish. There is simply no way to automate person-to-person interaction, and if there’s ever a time to do things the old-fashioned way, it’s when you’re placing your financial well-being into other hands. Real flesh-and-blood hands, powered by a human brain and heart.

Finally, here’s a question for you:

Any idea what the Jetsons did when they needed a loan? They piled into their Space Car and went to the bank!





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