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Be Prepared Before Downsizing In Real Estate

Preparing Your Home for Sale: A Comprehensive Guide

When getting ready to list your property, understanding the preparation steps is as crucial as choosing a seasoned real estate professional. Collaborative efforts with Brett Furman Group have consistently delivered outstanding results. Here’s an actionable checklist for homeowners:

  1. Brighten Every Corner: Replace any burned-out bulbs to ensure your home shines at its brightest.
  2. Declutter and Pack: Acquire moving boxes and tape for less than $100. Minimize clutter and consider a storage locker for excess belongings.
  3. First Impressions Count: Keep the entrance welcoming. Maintain minimal and essential footwear and outerwear on display.
  4. Bathroom Beautification: Clear out visible toiletries. Freshen up with new white towels (display only) and update accessories like soap dispensers and shower curtains.
  5. Kitchen Clean-Up: Kitchens are buyer magnets. Clear countertops, deep clean cupboards and appliances, and accentuate with fresh flowers or fruits.
  6. Bedroom Bliss: Use neutral bedding, declutter, and if you’ve converted any into offices, revert them to bedrooms.
  7. Liven Up the Living Room: Clean upholstery, introduce new cushions, and manage visible cables.
  8. Dining Delight: Clear tables of personal items. Consider new chair covers or tablecloths for a refreshed look.
  9. Basement Brilliance: Regardless of its use, ensure it looks spacious and tidy.
  10. Closets and Storage: Emphasize space by organizing and decluttering. You want potential buyers to envision ample storage.
  11. Sort and Store: Decide on items to throw, donate, store, or sell.
  12. Depersonalize Your Space: Let buyers visualize their belongings by removing personal items like photos.
  13. A Fresh Paint Job: Light, neutral shades can enhance the appeal and perceived space.
  14. Address Pending Repairs: Tackle all the minor repairs you’ve postponed. If DIY isn’t your thing, we can recommend skilled handymen.
  15. Sparkling Windows: Clean windows inside and out or hire a professional.
  16. Boost Curb Appeal: Enhance the front yard with clean doors, seasonal plants, and adequate lighting for evening viewings.
  17. Beautify the Backyard: Maintain gardens, tidy up outdoor spaces, and organize garages.
  18. Clean Carpets and Floors: Opt for professional cleaning to revive your carpets and other floorings.
  19. Spotless Surfaces: Use cleaning aids like Magic Erasers for walls and doors that show wear.
  20. The Final Touch: Consider hiring professionals for a thorough final clean, focusing on overlooked spots.
  21. Kids and Pets Strategy: Store away toys and have a plan to temporarily rehome pets during viewings.

Now, after all your diligent work, take a moment to evaluate the results. Any potential distractions for a buyer? Fine-tune if needed. It’s time to get in touch with your Realtor, get those photos clicked, and launch your marketing campaign!

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