My recipe for success blog gained so much attention, I have decided to share a special ingredient with you.

The secret sauce in any home sale definitely includes serving my 12-step all-inclusive marketing plan, which consists of three-dimensional Matterport tours, virtual reality walkthroughs, detailed floor plans, aerial drone videos, professional HDR photography, targeted direct mail, and social media promotions, but there’s more…

Rank your home higher in Google search results

Brett Furman Group is proud to announce that we have hired a sous chef, so to speak, signing a long-term contract with an SEO & Digital Marketing firm to help our sellers rank their homes higher in Google search results. I explained to the team, “This will be more important than ever since the housing market is transitioning to a new normal”.

Getting a home sellers property to rank high in Google is complex, similar to following any recipe. Having this consultant will enhance the flavorful benefits of working with Brett Furman Group. Our firm initially designs a custom website for each home seller, measuring the ingredients accurately to create a unique URL of the address. Food for thought? This recipe helped our team sell over 50 homes in just 17 days and for thousands more dollars last year.

When I recently went back to my alma matter, Temple University, to complete an SEO & Digital Marketing class, I quickly realized that changes to Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn sometimes occur daily, and we must have an expert on our side. It’s all about getting as many eyeballs as possible to view our homes and enjoy a taste of what we’ve prepared.

Keep following me for more successful real estate secret recipes. And like I said before…There’s no substitute for experience. When you’re ready to sell, let’s see what I can cook up for you!