We love rolling out the red-carpet services at no extra cost to all Brett Furman Group clients.

The latest technology for marketing real estate empowers home sellers with sophisticated equipment producing 3D models. It also generates a floor plan for potential buyers to visualize the layout of a home.

Matterport 3-D Space

One of the most popular programs with proven results is our three-dimensional Matterport tours. This effective digital marketing tool helps homes listed for sale with us sell faster and for more money. Utilizing this technology helps showcase a property and is essential in reaching a wider audience too.

We purchased a Matterport camera and hired a professional operator, our Chief Matterport Officer, to create these interactive walkthrough experiences immersing home buyers into a property, establishing both an emotional and intellectual connection without ever leaving their internet devices. They are shared with potential clients on our listings, websites, and social media platforms.

Buyers spend more time viewing and exploring a property listed in the MLS featuring a 3D Tour. When you’re ready to receive our red-carpet services, reach out. Visit https://brettfurman.com/all-inclusive-marketing to view a detailed list and breakdown of each service included in the all-inclusive home seller marketing program.