Yay! You’ve decided to sell your house…Now what? Ahead of our listing appointment, assuming you’re hiring Brett Furman Group to work for you, there are some essential things I recommend you gather to make our meeting more productive.

Heck, these items are so important I’ve dedicated an entire chapter in my book, What You Really Need to Know About Selling Your House, to them!

How to Get Organized Before Listing Your Home for SaleAs your real estate agent, I encourage you to organize the following:

  • Assemble your last 12 utility bills.
  • Make an extra key for your front door.
  • Locate your mortgage information and homeowner’s association packet, if applicable.
  • Find all instructions and warranties for appliances.
  • SAVE all extra carpet, wallpaper, and paint for the future buyer.

If your property is a condominium or part of a homeowner’s association:

  • Request a copy of your association’s most recent financial statement and budget. Be sure the reserve fund balance is included.
  • Some townhomes and condos impose a capital contribution fee (sometimes called an initiation fee) on new owners. This is a one-time, nonrefundable fee paid by the buyer at closing.
    • Obtain the capital contribution information.
  • Find a copy of the condo’s rules and regulations, and the other pertinent documents, and a floor plan of your unit.

If the property you’re selling is an income property:

  • Make a list of tenants and contact information.
  • Make copies of leases, rents charged, and indicate whether utilities are included in the rent cost.
  • Have profit and loss statements available.
  • Have a key made for each unit and any outside doors.
  • Don’t renew any written leases with tenants; leave tenants on month-to-month leases.

Having this pertinent information readily available to provide would-be buyers with keeps my sellers prepared during this sometimes-complex process.

Ready to get started? Contact us and we’ll share a detailed list of steps to follow when listing your home for sale.